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I need a quick clarification, cause I'm getting conflicting in formation.

If I take the Light Sport Repairman course with a Maintenance authorization, what exactly is it good for?

I thought I could inspect any Light Sport plane with a Special Airworthiness Certificate (SLSA), as long as I own it. But Rainbow Aviation (who offers the course) says the course and certificate is only good on experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA).


Obviously, I'd like to take the course to use for my CTLS.

By way of background, I had a repairman's certificate for a "Velocity 173" I built several years ago.

Velocity on Taxiway.jpg

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Maintenance rating allows you to work on any LSA class that you are for, be it special or experimental. You will want the airplane class.

65.107 is the section of regs that is relevant.

An INSPECTION rating only allows you to inspect your own aircraft, and if it is e-lsa.

A MAINTENANCE rating allows you to inspect any LSA in class.

Advisory Circular 65-32A helps a lot as well. https://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/advisory_circular/ac 65-32a.pdf

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