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Transparent draught excluders


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My CTsw had the access openings overhead in the cockpit taped over to prevent draughts when I bought it.The tape eventually fell off so I made transparent covers out of poly carbonate.

The  picture gives all the info, if  any one wishes to copy . The clips are from aircraft aluminium which has enough spring to hold them in place . they allow me to check the connections with a torch without removing them. If I do need to remove them, they come off & are replaced easily.Although it would be better to have one of the clips fitted to a square on the bolt so it could be turned to fit & remove. The spring clips are serving  the purpose for now.

As far as being none approved , I dont think there is any difference to  the tape that was used previously. The advantage is they allow for easy visual inspection.




inspection covers.png

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Nice John.

For those who speak the American version of John's language: The "draught" he speaks of is a "draft" - the air flow through the control linkage access holes in the cockpit. And the "torch" he refers to is actually a "flashlight". I know this stuff because my daughter lives in Brisbane.

Mike Koerner

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