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center panel dimensions


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could someone please let me know the dimensions of the middle panel avionix console (where the transponder, 396, etc. are installed)?  (I have not bought "my" CT yet!)

I am wondering whether it makes sense to install an "up-flip down-flip" mount for an iPad-like mount that keeps an old 396 for redundancy, and covers it in ordinary flight for the better iPad or iFly to get synth vision.  gives extra redundancy and could be cheaper than tearing out the old mid panel.


PS: ...has anyone ever attempted to mount an Ipad on the top of the cabin (e.g., on the bar that holds the compass?  would that make sense?


PS: just saw the new stratus 3.  looks nice.  but what would then be the ADS-B out??  is there general consensus on what the best ADS-B in/out solution is for all of our CTs?


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assessing this with a ruler from a photograph, I get about 7.1 w x 10.7 h.

the two bottom garmins should take up about 3.4 h, leaving about 7.1 w x 7.1 h for the middle moving map/GPS.  if one is willing to extend over the middle towards the dynons, one can probably extend to about 9w.

* the iFly740 is about  7.25 x 4.25.  it seems just a little high for a fixed panel install in portrait, but then I have seen it in photographs on this site.

* the ipad mini is 7.9 x 5.3.  it seems too wide in landscape mode, and too high in portrait mode in a fixed panel install.

* the ipad pro 10.5 is 9.8 x 6.8.  if there was a "flip-up / flip-down" mount, it would fit very nicely in portrait mode, albeit covering the transponder and radio when flipped down.  it could also be flip-to-side---but it would be much better if this move was only along one axis for control and stability and not on multiple axes (like, e.g., a gooseneck hold).    Is there such a mount?


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