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Electrical Noise Abatement


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Hey all...

Since I recently installed the iFly 740b in my panel, I'm having some increased electrical noise through the headsets.  Nothing horrible, but the problem has two components:

1) Increased crackling and popping through the headsets, like little bursts of static.

2) A faint, regular chirping, almost like an electrical pulse.  Engine noise drowns it out above 4000rpm, otherwise this might drive me crazy.  This is definitely noise from the iFly unit itself.  The sound was evident on the ground with the master avionics on and the engine off, and when I powered down the iFly unit the sound stopped.

I will of course re-seat everything and check all of the connections.  But I'm no electrical expert, so I'm asking for anything in particular I should check, or strategies that will help reduce electrical sounds.  Is this the time to install the larger capacitor?  Roger, do you still stock those?

Thanks for any assistance.

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1 hour ago, Tom Baker said:

Andy, I would try a ground loop isolator in the audio out on the GPS. They are fairly in expensive, and it wont hurt anything. Search the old post for alternator whine, and you will find one that I found a few years ago that fixed a problem on a CTSW with a Garmin GPS.

Thanks Tom, I ordered one.  Hopefully it's that simple!

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