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over shooting 6500 Rpm


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I have question regarding Rotax 914 .During take off the Rpm rises 6200-6500 i.e overshoot for 63 second, where as 14 second only over shoot at 6500.

line maintenance book suggested for push Rod Checking, crank shaft out of round verification etc. screen print attached.eg. All system inspection, Detailed Engine afftected inspection.

05-50-00 page 10.

what is expert suggestion from you please

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11 minutes ago, david said:

Yes of couse, but i start the Engine at Ground level , its  found.....ok. IT smoothly touched 5800. then ?

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1 minute ago, david said:


i am consultant in Dubi....

any violention on forum please tell me.

i am increaing experties.


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