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Airspeed Indicator and/or Altimeter (SOLD!)


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Flight Design original equipment (2006 CTSW). 

Instrument faces and glass look new, 47 hours total on each, before being replaced with twin Dynon Skyviews.

Sold as pair - $400 + 2nd-day FedEx shippiing.

Separately;  ASI - $250, Altimeter - $150 + 2nd-day FedEx shipping each.

Ship to continental US only. No overseas sales.

If interested, please post here or send me a private forum message.



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45 minutes ago, Tip said:

Hi Bill,

Did you put 10” Skyviews in your SW?

Hey Tip,

Originally wanted, at least 1, 10-inch Skyview, but installer said we didn’t have the real estate to accomodate it.

So, I settled for dual 7-inch Skyviews instead. They have worked out just fine. I also have the backup batteries for each display, Autopilot Knob Panel and Skyview VHF radio. Knob Panel was a worthwhile improvement. The radio is awesome. Whole setup is great. Makes flying a little more fun. New aluminum panels (color Mouse Gray) were also installed. I think they look good.

Thanks to Andy, my new panel backup is a Garmin 496, a slight upgrade over the 396. Thanks again Andy!

Before anyone asks . . . yes, I have multiple LOA’s for all of it.

ADS-B-out to go. Since the uAvionix debacle, now I’m thinking Garmin GDL-82.


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