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CTSW vertical sliding window


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16 hours ago, Mike Koerner said:


I'm surprised your rails are in bad shape. I would have expected them to outlive the plane. Do you know how they were damaged?

Mike Koerner

I’m not sure, but I’d speculate that they were overtightened to try to fix the issue Tom mentioned. 
The bottom is broken off on one side of the pilot side... I’m pretty sure I must have done it while flying with a heavier coat on. It was one of the rails missing the bottom screw, so it would have been easy to do. 

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On 1/1/2021 at 1:50 PM, GrassStripFlyBoy said:

They are Mecaplex items, this link may not be the p/n you're after but a start.  I have both photo window and a side vent and can measure the rails - I think they are the same rail just different orientation - will confirm.

Mecaplex Guide Rail (wingsandwheels.com)

Thank you for the link... it looks like there are a couple of different sizes available. I’ll contact them when I get back in town to see what they suggest. 


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