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My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

Roger Lee

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Ouch.  My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas.  No injuries and no alcohol. Just an old lady that ran a stop sign, careened off a car it hit, missed a huge pole, a big tree and 4 electric boxes to finally make it to my wall. No braking, just panicked throttle. $20K - $25 K in damages. My tools and machines are trashed. This is the smaller side. The larger longer side wasn't affected.

It just goes to show never eat Ham, Turkey and pie and drive. :)


The airbag never went off. The car is totaled. 


Crash 1.jpg

Crash 2.jpg

Crash 3.jpg

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12 hours ago, Runtoeat said:

Hopefully your insurance will cover things.

If it doesn't cover enough, he can sue the driver personally for any shortages.  I'm not lawsuit happy, but in a case like this if you can't get reasonable compensation from the insurance company/companies, you do have the option of a liability lawsuit.  Either way Roger should be okay, you never get perfect restoration, but he should be able to get close.

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I have USAA and they are taking care of it up front. So far it's about $10K for building and wall.  That's the preliminary estimate. I haven't even added up tool damages. It's at least a new toolbox, new vertical band-saw and new drill-press. USAA is fast at work and then they'll deal with the other insurance company.

My shop is "L" shaped. She hit the small 12' x 12' side. The 12' x 24' side was untouched. If she had hit the other side it would be a lot more expensive.

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