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CTSW flying @ 22 below zero!

Ed Cesnalis

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1 hour ago, Runtoeat said:

Ed,  recent flying in Michigan with temps around zero F.  I need to cover about 75% of my radiator to get the oil temp up to 200F on 5200 rpm cruise.  Do you find almost 100% coverage needed for -22F?  Fantastic photos! 

my cooling isn't that good, I only need a 'scattered layer (less than 50% coverage)'   thanks

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5 hours ago, Mike Koerner said:

I don't know any of these.

You probably know the last 2.  Middle is Winchell and Agassiz in the North Palisades.

Third is Mendenhall Couloir on Laurel Mountain above Convict Lake.

1st is Devil's Crags in Kings Canyon Middlefork.

Here's 2 more of Devil's Crags and a couple of middlefork.50171470_DevilsHighway.thumb.jpg.098567f00fc8165a4ec0bc39ce55b79d.jpgLangille.thumb.jpg.a9438864e040702637d1c28aaf27d09f.jpg1272620259_DevilsCrags-3.thumb.jpg.76f47b61c130024531b4afb07d875592.jpg993485981_middlefork.thumb.jpg.47a10c5f6132986d68cb429e87101eae.jpg

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