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CTLS Checklist

NC Bill

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Dick Harrison, known around here as RUNTOEAT, was kind enough to post his CTSW checklist. I tweaked it just slightly to CTLS #'s and then to my own taste. Drove down to Kinko's and now have a brand-spanking-new 2 page laminated checklist that I'm grateful to Dick for.


In the event that someone with a CTLS may find it useful as a template for their plane I'll try and post it.


Naturally it comes with no guarantees of accuracy - you mileage may vary, yada, yada...


Hope someone finds it useful.

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Nice checklist. A few humble suggestions.


Make an emergency page, put red around the edges.


Preflight: Add checks for some electricals - lights, flaps, alternator light comes on. Reorganize for a walk-around flow.


Starting: Add check volts on startup. Move control surfaces to preflight.


Runup: Add altimeter check, com/radios set. I like to set it up with neumonics; e.g. CIGARTIPFS.



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Many thanks for posting this


All being well I get my aircraft in 2 to 3 weeks, I've been trawling through the documentation that I've got hold of so far and trying to work out, from the extensive check-lists that Flight Design supply, just what needs to go onto a few laminated cards for use in the cockpit - your sheets make a great starting point for me!


Just one point - You have "put the pin back in the BRS" on shut down - but I don't think you've got "take the pin out" anywhere :)


The other list that I generally use is "Airfield Approach Checks" prior to joining the circuit at the destination.


Thanks again


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I have an electronic version of the checklist you can download to your Dynon D100 if you like, just shoot me an email at eric@coppercityaviation.com and I will attach it back to you. It doesn't work on the Skyview system just yet, but they should support it soon.

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