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CTLS Checklist Attempt #2

NC Bill

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New and improved? Well, it's new.


At the risk of going overboard, and being accused of owning Kinko's stock, here's my first and last revision. Promise.


Worth a note - my CTLS has SKYVIEW and 696 and a hardwired 560. Plus I'm hangared at a Class C airport. Others will probably want to erase several of my line items I'm sure.


Also I keep my Ignition key, baggage key and CAPS pin together on one ring. Thus no mention of removing the CAPS pin - just returning it.


I flew with the original yesterday and today and thought I'd tweak it a bit. Also as someone suggested I have included an Emergencies page .


As for pre-flight - I do a walk around pre-flight without a checklist. Then I go over the list and confirm I haven't forgotten anything important. So the pre-flight page may seem a bit short on detail and poorly sequenced.


And as for Emergencies that I left out (spins, CAPS, Engine Failure, Restart & Landing) that was intentional. My taste. I'm sure others will want to include them.


Enjoy. It would please me if you them useful.

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G'day Bill,


Had a look at your checklists.


According to your lists you shutdown the avionics prior to 'magnetos' and then "Radio & avionics" after engine shutdown??


I've always understood (and been instructed) that you turn off all the avionics and radio(s) BEFORE you shut down the engine Prevents 'spikes' evidently.



Duski Don

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