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Rotax spark plugs

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,


I am still finding quite a few planes coming in for maint from A&P's that are not using the heat conducting paste Rotax requires on their plugs. Don't forget to mention this at your next plug change. You can pick this up at CPS. Call Jeremey




I know the Rotax maint manual says you can clean and gap the plugs at 100 hrs and keep using them up to 200 hrs. Just throw them out and use fresh.

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Hey Roger,

Yes CPS offers a Silicon Heat conduction Paste CPS P/N- 22515. This is a Silicon heat transfer compound that is stable to 500F and Mfg. approved by Rotax. For $14.33 its sold at a very afforadable price especially considering the tube will be more than enough for the life of your engine. Call us @ 1(800)AIRWOLF ask for Jeremy And receive 5% OFF the Tube when suppling your CTSW or CTLS Tail Number.

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