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Flap and Aileron bearings

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Hi Guys,


While pre-flighting your CT don't forget to check those flap and aileron bearings for looseness. I find one or more loose fairly often.Grab the wing pivot bracket and in one hand and the flap or aileron in the other and move them fairly hard back and forth. If the black center pivot bearing is loose you will see the black bearing move sideways. It should not move. If they do then the wing pivot bracket bolt needs to be removed. Clean the black bearing outer surface with a little lacquer thinner and the inside of the bearing bracket hole. Apply some Loctite 480 (toughened superglue) on the outer surface of the bearing and replace the bearing. Loctite 480 is black and it is about $20 for a bottle which will last a while and can be used for other applications. No you can't use regular superglue! <_<Let the glue setup. A little gentle heat from a heat gun will speed this up. Gentle heat, don't try and cook it.

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