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Rent a Camera


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We all seem to love viewing flying videos, and making them. However, the best video cameras used to make these videos can be expensive... $300-$400 (or more) for the Contour, GoPro, Drift, or Vio.

If you just want to test one of these cameras, or use one on that special trip/vacation/flight... You can rent them! I just found a place, CAMARUSH.com , that rents them for $59. The price includes a full weeks use, shipping both directions, a memory card, one "extra" mount, and everything needed to use the camera (including the manual). Maybe you just want a 2nd camera angle, for that special video.

Just imagine the video you could make this October, in Page, at the CT Fly-in!


ps... just bought a Drift Stealth HD170... look for some new videos soon!

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