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K&N air Filter for the CT

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


For you CTSW guys you can toss, when it's time, the old Mann C2039 air filter and replace it with a much better breathing and reusable K&N 33-2092. They are about $33. It is a lifetime filter unless you damage it. The K&N is far superior to a paper element filter. There really is a difference.

Don't clean it with harsh solvents. Use either the K&N cleaner or hot soapy water. Let it dry well. Then apply a SMALL amount of oil back to the element. Don't put too much on as it will get sucked into the carbs and make a dirty mess plus it reduces the air flow. The right amount should be a slight red to the element with white also still showing. Just a light spry that's all. It is only there to help trap dirt particles.

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