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Rotax and FD inspection check list

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,


Make sure your mechanic uses these check list for your 100 hr and Annual Condition Inspections. They should initial each box, make notes as to any correction during the inspection and them give them back to you to keep in you permanent records. If they are doing the 100 hr and the Annual at the same time then both boxes need to be initialized. Good documentation is all you have for protection and for your mechanics protection. The vehicle is out there to protect you, your investment and your mechanic, use it. You should also have them use a discrepancy list also. It's your inspection and your paying for it so make sure you get it your way not theirs that may be inferior.

Rotax Maint Check List.pdf

CTSW Maint Check List.pdf

CTLS Maint Check List.pdf

Sample Discrepancy List.doc

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