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Coolant Change

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,


How many of you still have your original coolant in place and you have a 2006 engine. It would be much better to swap the 3/4 gal. worth of coolant every two years. Pull the bottom radiator hose off and take the top coolant cap off and cup you hand over the top and blow down through the top. Most all will come out. Don't forget to drain the coolant reservoir. Replace the fluid with a 50/50 Dex Cool compatible coolant. (silicate free). Most are silicate free now days. Not all are Dex Cool compatible. When using a 50/50 mix remember that your coolant temp or the CHT if you don't have a coolant temp gauge should be restricted to 248F. Refill at the top and the coolant will fill all the spaces. You do not need to do any purge like oil. Refill the coolant reservoir up to the black metal strap.

Done, go fly and recheck the level after the next flight.

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