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Re-Routing of fuel lines

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


How many of you knew you were far better off re-routing your fuel lines that run just under the airbox on the SW? Why should you even bother? By re-routing these two fuel lines, which is easy, it makes changing the air filter much easier as it allows for the air filter box to drop down farther to get your chubby little hand in to remove the air filter. If you leave those two fuel lines up over the top of that engine mount then they are in the way and cause you to use words you may prefer others didn't hear or worse yet crack or break your air box. These can be re-routed at any time, but the guy that did your fire wall blanket should have done it. Here is the FD LOA attached.

08 06 04 FD Manufacturer Approval for all CTSW re-routing of fuel lines.pdf

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