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My Dynon MAP is all over

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,


If you have a Dynon D120 EMS and you have the MAP pressure up, it may bounce all over and it isn't very steady. Here is a 2 minute fix. Call CPS or Lockwood and order a Bing 64 #30 idle jet. Pull off the MAP pressure line on top of the carb cross over tube. Insert the idle jet in line and push it back an inch or so. It is a snug fit so it isn't going any where. Now take a wire tie and place it on the outside of the tube on top of the jet. This will make sure it is very secure. Now put the MAP pressure line back on the cross over tube and secure it with a wire tie. Your done and you have now tamed the wild swings on your MAP pressure reading. The tiny hole in the main jet will take out all the impulses and from the system. It will be nice and steady. See the FD LOA below.


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