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Replacing the hose from the wing bulkhead on an SW

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


There is a short 8"-10" piece of fuel hose that comes off the fuel bulkhead plate on the SW. Many want to know how to replace this hose when the need arises. I think Tinkerbell might be the only one that can get in there and just remove the clamp and hose. Baring access to her the only practicable way is to drill. Drill a hole in my plane, you've got to be kidding. No I'm not and it won't hurt a thing and you won't see it later. While the wing is pulled out of place approximately 15" (you don't need to remove the wing) you need to get a drill of approximately 10MM in size or an American 1/2" drill bit. Drill a hole approximately 50mm or 2" from the front wing pin hole. (See the FD LOA attached for a picture)

You could also take a tape measure and measure from the front edge of the sight glass hole forward to the clamp and then transfer that measurement to the outside to drill. I prefer this method as it puts me right on top of the clamp and there is no guess work. The SW's have a band clamp which need to be removed with a drill bit or Dremel. My hose had an Oetiker clamp on it. I would put a screw type band clamp back on (not a standard screw clamp, a band clamp) so you could unscrew it and remove it if the need ever arises again. The LS's have a screw type band clamp in this position. (Yes you need to drill for access too) Once the hose is off replacing it isn't very hard then just tighten your clamp through the hole with a socket wrench. The hole can't be seen when the wing is in place. You can also put a piece of the white Bolus tape over the hole to make it look pretty.

09 02 10 FD Manufacturer Approval CT2kCTSW hole in root rib (1).pdf

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