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Carb balance

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


When you are having a carb balance done make sure the person doing it not only sets it up for the idle, but for the high rpms too. I set mine up for idle with the idle stop screw. Then I go up to 3500 rpm and make any adjustments with the boden cable and once it is set there I run it up to at least 4500 rpm. The reason to check the balance there is because that is where you fly in the higher rpms not at idle.


Here is a good video from R.O.A.N. on the how to do it.



DON'T forget to lock the brakes and put those wheel chocks in place. Use safety goggles and ear protection.



My wife is my carb balance cockpit manager and keeps me out of trouble. :lol:

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One Tip I wanted to add about the carb balance is that I find its easier to set the above Idle adjustment first, usually around 3500rpm or so that way you know that the cables are traveling togeather before you adjust the Idle stops. If you adjust the Idle stops first you could just be compensating for improper above Idle sync. After adjusting you Idle stops any adjustment made to the cable housing adjusters will effect your Idle adjustment requiring you to readjust it again.

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Here is a quick "How To" on a carb sync and a few types of carb sync tools.

You will also need a few basic tools, i.e. screwdriver, feeler gauge, pliers, two 9mm wrenches, ear plugs, goggles, wheel chocks and a cockpit control person that you trust. (maybe someone who is not a beneficiary on your insurance policy:lol:).


This is the basics and will get you through a sync session, but is not all inclusive. Some senior syncers may vary some.

912 carb sync.pdf

post-3-098420900 1281450087_thumb.jpg

post-3-003487400 1281450099_thumb.jpg

post-3-010495700 1281450107_thumb.jpg

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