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The value of a dedicated ground crew...


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Sunday it was a nice day to "fly" on two wheels, so friends of mine, Trip and Sherri, rode up to visit on Trip's Suzuki. After lunch at El Rio in Copperhill, I wanted to show off my new hangar - and offered Sherri a ride in the Sky Arrow.


The flight was beautiful, and the landing wasn't bad, either. Gently lowered the nose at probably 30k or so and exited the runway. But as I did, something wasn't right - felt like a flat tire - and sure enough the nosewheel tire was flat.


Here's where the dedicated ground crew came in:



Trip had gotten a "creeper seat" from the hangar and used his belt to hold the nosewheel in place. I stopped filming just a little too soon - about 5 seconds later, Trip was lookin' like a fool with his pants on the ground! :P


In any case, I investigated today, and this is what I found:




Looks like the tube was folded over itself, causing the pinch. Its surprising, since I...


1) use tire talc, and,


2) inflate, and then deflate the tube when installing to avoid this sort of thing.


Any ideas what other steps I can take to avoid this sort of thing?

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