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Braking issue

NC Bill

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Aircraft tracks fairly straight on taxi.


Problem occurs when applying the hand brake.


At certain speeds the plane will shudder when the brake is applied. Seems to be a transient event. Let's say I'm taxiing at 18kts (2000rpm) and apply the brakes to slow. Plane will shudder at maybe 15kts until 10kts then reduce the shudder or stop shuddering. The shudder can be anywhere from annoying to quite severe - GPS pucks almost bounce off the glare shield. Can't be good for the avionics.


Any thoughts appreciated.

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Hi Bill,


This can be a normal occurring problem. It comes from a combination and accumulation of dirt and the heating of the brake pads and glazing of the disc. The pads kind of grab and release in very rapid succession which makes them chatter. One way to help rid yourself of this is to remove the disc and use some 360 sandpaper on both sides to refinish the remove any glazing and to remove each brake pad and do the same thing with a little 220 grit. Then wipe them down with some brake cleaner. You do not need to get carried away, just clean up the surface.


Of course if I'm wrong just try to ignore it and it might go away. dry.gif

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