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Matco front wheel

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Ever wonder what you might do if you damage that front wheel from a flat or you just want to toss the Italian one over a cliff and your dog won't go get it. (If he does he isn't coming back home with me biggrin.gif) I know wishful thinking, but there is an alternative at least for the guys that have the larger front wheel, the 4.00-6. This went with the tundra option and is on all the newer LS's and has been for a while.


Well Matco has been supplying FD with Matco front wheels for quite a while. These should have no problem as a retro fit to the CT's that use the 4.00-6 front wheel. The axle is 15mm. The wheel from Matco has a couple of advantages. One it is far more sturdy and thicker, it has a wider bead area for the tire to seat and a raised rough surface for better grip, it has a 90 degree stem hole. The wider bead area and raised rough surface translates into fewer low pressure tires from turning on the wheel and ripping out stems. I just did one the other day out on the tarmac. The stem was completely gone.


The part numbers from Matco are WHLNW60cc15mm for the wheel at about $84.14 and the new little sleeve spacers are A23SL and are about $40 each. I have not installed one of these yet and I have not filed an LOA, but since they are supplied on all LS's then I would think that would be a walk in the park.

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