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How to reset your Garmin GPS

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Here is how to do 2 Garmin (296, 396,496) GPS rests.


If you have a slow or a gps that takes 10 minutes to pick up a satellite here is an easy reset.

This one is how to reset the "Auto Locate" function so the gps will hopefully do a quicker job at finding itself.


Press and hold the "Out" function and then press and hold the "Power" button until the "I Agree" message comes up. This only resets the satellite locating function and you will not loose any data.


This next one is a hard reset and will dump any saved data like way points or routes, ect... This one is used if nothing else works.


Press and hold the "Quit" button, the "Out" button and then the "Power" button. Hold all three down for 15 seconds. This is like re-booting your computer.

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