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Rubber Fuel Line Failure at Wingroot

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I had a CTLS with only 600 hours TT come in with a fuel leak. The rubber fuel line coming off the wing into the fuselage started leaking and fuel ran down the outside of the PIC door. The rubber line is held in place by a stainless "band strap" on the wing fuel pick up. The line comes off the wing, turns 90 degrees and gets attached to the steel fuel supply line in the fuselage wing root. The band clamp had cut into the rubber fuel line causing the failure.


Fortunately the A/C was really close for a two year wing root inspection, so I was able to kill two birds...


I am going to start replacing these rubber lines at the two year wing root insp due time. While the wings are off it is a good idea to change the fuel sight gauges as well. Lockwood has a new fuel line that will not turn brown.


Furthermore, make sure your mechanic checks for any fuel leaking out of the fuel pick ups. I have replaced several gaskets on older SW's. It appears they have the gasket problem fixed.

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