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Page, AZ pictures

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Hi All,


John Gilmore that helps with FD USA would like a few pictures from our Page, AZ Fly-In. Here is his email address. Please pick 1-4 pictures that are nice and clear that would be representative of out Annual Page Fly-In. It could be a picture of all the CT's on the ramp, a group shot of the attendees, all of us sitting down to dinner, pictures flying through Monument Valley or Bryce. Try to get a scenic shot or two of a CT in the picture flying. Maybe a link to a nice you tube video? The pictures can be from last year or years past.

We are the largest CT Fly-In in the world. Let's show FD we do have a great time and this is great event, but above all the best CT Fly-In anywhere.



Glimore, John

E-mail Address(es):




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