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Thoughts About Packing a CT for Cross Country


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Hi All:


It has been suggested you vaccum pack your stuff in plastic bags; a good initial suggestion, but once you open the bag the stuff returns to real size. Nancy and I do have a system that seems to work well for us. We now really sit down an talk about what we need for a particular trip. For example, a trip (reunion, wedding, funeral etc) in which certain types of clothing is required, suit, shirt, evening/cocktail dress, hiking clothes, etc. We look at the tempature and decide if a coar is required--for example, we have a Coloradotripcoming up, we will take some warmer clothes for chilly evenings and clothes suitable for day hiking (Mesa Verde etc.) Point is to figure out what you need at a minimum.


We have no problem wearing the same clothes on consective days (such as evenings) because we are seldom in the same place more than a day or two. Pants with zip off legs, Levis can be worn day in and day out, a couple of light nylon or such material long sleeve shirts are plenty, shorts with cargo pockers are handy, shoes, consider that you will be around a house or our sightseeing most of the time so sneakers, running shoes, hiking sport shoes, sandals are light and can be worn for most activities. Polo shirts, tee shirts, sox and under for a week or so is plenty, your host or the motel will have washing machine is necessary, and hats. We find that casual is fine for 95% of our (your) travel. other stuff such as medicines (be sure to include a few days extra to conver unexpected delays). Normal toiletries, Walmart sellls lots of small sized stuff. We take a laptop, a GPS for rental car, and some entertainment things such as a book. We roll everything and pack in round gym bag type luggage. You can stack this type of luggage in the CT easily. If you have clothing such as a suit or dress, hang the clothes on the minimum number of wire hangers (they are flexible)necessary and lay it flat on top of other bags. We have found this method will see everything fairly wrinkle free at trip's end.


I know the above is a bit daunting, but Nancy and I have been on the road for as much as three to four weeks with what we take. The tendency is to way over pack and that wastes space and heavy, don't forget that the idea is to take only what is needed--NOTHING MORE. We also weigh everything to ensure we have not gone overboard!!!


As we noted before, packing the CT is not particularly difficult, but it does take some thought. This is an appropriate subject as Nnancy and I are planning a several trips this year.


Enjoy, See ya, Ken and Nancy Nolde N840KN

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'pretty much the same routine we use... and we use the same little gym bags, too. We are able to go for up to a week, and even did our HS class reunion trip with minimal packing. Of course, we prefer going where it's warm, so a pair of zip-legged pants and a couple of Hawaiin shirts will go a long ways! We get by on about 10 lbs each... OK a little more for me, since I'm responsible for all the tech-goodies.


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