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Redline for 50/50 Dexcool CTSW

Eddie Cesnalis

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21 hours ago, Roger Lee said:

Use the oil temp.

Not sure what you mean...are you saying use the same max temp for CHT as for oil, 266°F ?

Follow up question:  What would be a "normal" CHT for say a 75°F day?  I usually see around 205-210°F in cruise at that temp at 2000-3000ft MSL.  That looked a tad hot to me, but maybe it's right in line.  When I start the engine on the ground and let it sit and run for a while (say 15-20min) I can see CHTs up to 230°F or so, that then go slowly back down to the above temps once I'm up and cruising.  CHTs on the ground often exceed oil temps if the airplane sits idling a while.

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