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Leaking Fuel Pump

NC Bill

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During annual my fuel pump (892-546) was found to be leaking. LOCKWOOD said the NEW model (893 114) wouldn't reach the field for probably 2 more months, and so sold me the same model for replacement.


The faulty pump was installed just 6 months ago and had flown only 60 hours! :angry:


The bad news is the pump cost is $511.13 and takes an hour to install.


The GOOD NEWS is it is under warranty. Of course the reimbursement comes by mail from the mfg AFTER you buy the replacement. [Note to self: See calendar June 30] <_<


And thanks to Tad Olmstad! He was already aware of the warranty issue and asked for the warranty paperwork when ordering the part.


If you need to replace your pump. Remember it's under warranty and request the paperwork.

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Thank you for posting this Bill...


Rotax has been having issues with these pumps since changing mfgs back in 2006. Rotax is more than happy to replace any damaged fuel pump under warranty as long as the engine is registered and still under it's warranty period (18mo from date of sale or 2yrs from date of engine mfg.) also the total time on the engine must be under 200hrs, and this needs to be verified with a photo copy of you latest logbook entry.


We received a shipment of the old pumps last week, new pumps will hopefully be on next stock order for June.

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