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How much is to much?

Tom Baker

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Gotta love it.

At your recommendations elsewhere, I started using oetiker stepless ear clamps recently and have pretty much stopped using band-its altogether. There might be a couple areas where I still need em, but oetikers everywhere else.

Big added benefit is that unless you really shoehorn one on, oetikers are difficult to overdo the clamping.

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There are no issues with Band-It clamps. It's operator error. I use Oetiker on fuel hoses, fuel injection clamps on oil hoses (like FD does) and Band-It clamps on fire sleeve ( a fire sleeve installation standard). The Band-It clamps are so strong if over torqued could cut a finger off. All the Band-It clamp pressure should be is barely snug to help prevent fluids from going back down the inner fire sleeve. The fire sleeve Band-It clamp is not meant to hold the hose on to the fitting along with the Oetiker or fuel injection clamp. Common sense must rule.

This all said I have seen several aircraft come to my hangar that have Band-It clamps on all hoses. These can work, but again you must not over tighten them. You can crush and or cut the hose.

FD uses Band-It clamps on some of its fuel hoses on the 912iS especially where the fuel hose comes out and clamps on at the first fuel rail. That fittings is under sized for their hose and using an Oetiker there can allow that hose to slide off.

The other thing I don't do ie just cut off the tail and let that sharp ragged edge stick out just waiting to gouge an arm  or hand. I roll each tail back under with a pair of needle nose pliers. Then you can't get gouged or cut. Its just a smooth surface then.


All these things get covered in my Rotax classes.

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