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CTSW Fuel Shut Off valve Leak


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I thought i would post about even though there are many others on this site that have had the same problem. 

Went out to go for a flight this last weekend, Started my preflight, which includes turning on the fuel valve first thing. Finished my walk around and pulled the plane out of the hangar, When back to close the hangar door and noticed on fresh drop of fuel under the middle of the ac, between the mains. 

When investigating, it appeared that fuel was running down the firewall, so de-cowled the plane and could not find any leaks. Long story short, fuel was coming out of the drain hole on the floor board. 

Which leads me to the leaking fuel valve. As you can see in the video, the valve shaft has quite a bit of play in it, and that is where the fuel was leaking from. 

 Airtime had a replacement at $38

Link to video:


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