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Autopilot trutrak digiflight 2 wanted please

Neil Spooner

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I have a TruTrak 2 which the display is failing on and need a replacement. They don't/won't repair them, you have to buy new and I can't afford it. Can anyone help with a good unit, or a bad unit that I can scavenge parts from or have a go at repairing please?

I have sourced and have a new display module, but am reluctant to fit it in case I completely bugger this one, which still works ok, just the display is going bad.


The picture below was when it was just beginning to fail, now I can barely read it.


RV 4 IR Application (14).JPG

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Might want to place a free ad on Barnstormers under avionics / AP's and call it wanted, or watch Ebay.  I'd recommend replacing with a new unit, as buying a used one will run a high risk of it succumbing to the same failure.  I believe last I checked if you send in the old unit to Midcontinent they sell the new head alone for $700 USD or so.

I notice a lot of pilots leave these powered on from engine start to stop, I placed a switch between breaker and head, and only power the AP when I'm planning to use.  It should be initialized when on the ground especially if bumpy conditions, but if you know you're just local hoping without it, don't turn it on.

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Unfortunately when Bendix/Honeywell buys an avionics company they are not interested much in LSA. They are looking for bigger $ in certified aircraft. I went with G3X which includes a full autopilot built in and ready go (minus servos). The servos were a perfect fit with no changes. The autopilot performs better than my S-Tec in my 310 with incredible functions you might find in a King Air. I'm not saying you should buy one now but consider something similar in the future as trying to salvage an obsolete autopilot is usually counterproductive, I've been there many times. The Garmin servos were the easiest to install and wire of any autopilot I have ever worked on, only a few wires.

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The other thing to add is you have the old green display.

The displays changed back in 2010 or so and for a while, the replacement for these displays was at a greatly reduced rate.

Anyways, I do have a non-functional spare unit with a functional display. I do not know if it would be plug and play compatible, its the new display and its the vertical version.

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