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CTSW Cowl Modification

Jim Meade

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Has anyone modified the CTSW cowl inlets so as to make them line up more directly and more closely, especially with the radiator?  Also with the exit if you've done that.

I've been told that tighter cowling can improve cooling and reduce drag.  I'm not inviting an argument on that so much as wondering if anyone has any direct experience with the CTSW in this regard?

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If it is not lined up change the position of the radiator. There are a couple cowling changes that I would like to do. First is a NACA duct for cabin heat. Get rid of the snout on the heat muff, and just run a hose to the NACA duct. Then plug the small rectangular opening. this is how the new Super Sport is done. Second is a mount for a better landing light. It would be great if all that was needed was to enlarge the hole and install the new molded piece.  

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