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Newbie needs airplane

Chuck Mason

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Hi everyone. I am a Newbie who just lost his beautiful Citabria to Ion. My hangar at Venice (VNC) came apart and totaled N28CM.. I have been an active pilot for 77 years and I don't like the feeling of being grounded. So I am looking for another aircraft and the Flight Design CTSW or CTLS looks like a good match for me. However, before I spend my insurance money I would like to have a short flight or even be able to sit in one to see if it fits. Is there a CT flyer in Florida who would be willing to acquaint me with a CT? I can drive to almost any airport in Florida and would, of course, pay for any expenses involved. Tel. 941-484-8127

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I have a 2007 CTSW and 2011 CTLS advanced with auto pilot just completed  5 year hose job

chute and rocket replaced this month ELT battery replaced $300 can't believe it cost that much.

CTLS has 600 hrs and CTSW has about 1850 hrs. Annual also done this month. CTLS looks

like new. call for more info 757-642-4530 Ask for Ronnie

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Will be listing my 2012 CTLS Lite w/ Clamar Amphibious floats shortly as well. Just under 300 hours total time. Will need the 5 year hose replacement completed this summer. Asking $105k. Floats were rebuilt by Clamar by the previous owner, it has always been on the trigear since my ownership. Autopilot, EFIS, upgraded GPS to 795 with ADS-B in for weather and traffic. It does not have ADS-B out. Finishing my PPL and then its up for grabs! Would love to keep it, but can't justify doing so with the limited use. Located at KHIB (Hibbing, Minnesota). 

img (8).jpg







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