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Just wondering if someone can answer a weird question? I have compiled a list of ALL of the Service Bulletins pertaining to the CTLS. Then, I put them on a spreadsheet and arranged them by number, chronologically. This is where I noticed something weird. There are sequential numbers missing.

Namely, the Service Bulletins skip from SB-ASTM-08 to SB-ASTM-11 (with no SB-ASTM-9 & SB-ASTM-10).

There is also a big gap between SB-ASTM-20 & SB-ASTM-99, with no Service Bulletins in between those numbers!

Does anyone know why? I have searched the missing numbers everywhere and can not find any corresponding Service Bulletins. I am wondering why so many of them are in chronological order, then gaps???

Has anyone else noticed this? Or more importantly, do they know why?

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That has been like that for the 10 years I have been involved with flight designs.

Also, 91.417(a)(1)(v) requires the owner or operator to maintain a safety directive compliance sheet similar to AD compliance sheets, so you may wish to consider turning that spreadsheet into your compliance sheet if you don't already have one.

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