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Fuel Hose Re-routing

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Hi All,


Here is a little tip for re-routing your fuel lines so you can access the airbox. These hoses in there original position are just in the way. These hose are the ones that come and go from the fuel pump down to the gascolator. This hose re-route can be done during the firewall blanket or the hose replacement and should be done if you don't want to get frustrated during an air filter change. After the firewall blanket addition there is even less room to access the air box. moving the hose will give you more room.


Pictures 1114 and 1115 are the poor routing and pictures 1126 and 1127 are the best way. The first two pictures are the best way and the last two pictures are the wrong way from the factory. (For the life of me there is no rhyme or reason as to how this post puts up pictures. I can't get them in the correct order.)





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