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Roger Lee, Tom Baker or any of the other CT "gurus" – and I mean this sincerely as a compliment!

Have any of you ever thought about conducting maintenance classes online through Zoom, webinars or even Facebook live? 

If the pandemic has taught us anything ... it's that almost anything can be done online ... school, court, telemedicine, board meetings and more!

Why not classes for Light Sport maintenance? 

Heck ... I can even envision myself tuning in on my hangar's big screen via broadband with my cowling off, following along with the instructor.


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Owning a Ct is pretty good because the engine if fairly bullet proof except for the carbs

which are pretty basic, oil changes and following schedules for chute, carbs, gear box

batteries not much really goes wrong if you can change your own oil, learn carbs. sync

carbs with gauges you can keep it going pretty good. You could teach that with zoom or

some other method. I know some people are not mechanics but most of us are that own these

planes. I for one do my own work I trust no one these days to work on my plane. Even the hose

change is pretty basic, if you can replace hoses and do it the right way not to much to mess up.

There is a youtube video for almost anything these days. I have an AP do my annual every year

he has a hawk eye when it comes to aircraft. He don't miss much.

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Actually video tutorials are probably the best option for amateurs like me … the problem with attending classes is that , unless you make it your profession, how often do you end up doing your 5 year rubber, oil purge … yeah, that’s right, every 5 years, more than enough to forget everything  🙂

This is the reason I tend to limit my own maintenance to stuff like oil change, carbs synch, tire rotation/change , something I can do relatively often ( and also is relatively simple ) and leave other more exotic work like rubber change, gearbox maintenance, carb rebuilding and so on to professionals … 


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Please, please, please.  Roger, you helped me so much with a problem I had, and in such a timely, and absolutely correct answer.  Thanks a bunch.  I would have loved to have attended your course last year, but couldn’t .  Hope you have another.

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