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Hanging your CT engine from an engine hoist

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For the firewall blanket or the hose change here is an easy way to hang your engine and have it hang fairly straight. I use an engine hoist, a strap that goes down in between each cylinder and a rod that goes through the strap end. The engine hangs straight and level and most everything is easy to get to and the straps are out of your way.





Make sure the small short bars that is under the heads is all the way out and is just behind the valve covers. There is a flat area between the valve covers and the push rod tubes. This is where your bar should rest while the engine hangs. Do not position the support bar in the strap loop on the valve covers and do not push it so far back it rest on the push rod tubes.

This method works very well, but look where the bar rest before putting the weight of the engine on it.



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