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What springs in the hose.

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Here is a picture taken during a hose change showing one of the two springs in our 17mm hose. The springs are in the hose for sharp bends and keep the hose from kinking. This picture is from the hose on top of your engine that has coolant to cylinder #1 which is the right front cylinder. The other spring is in the hose facing to the back of the engine on top that goes to cylinder #4 and makes a 90 degree bend.



The hose in the picture uses the spring as it comes over the air plenum to keep it from collapsing as it goes over the plastic plenum edge.


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Roger,Thanks for posting this. I might have discarded the springs..... especially the one wedged in the #4 curve.These springs don't appear in any manual that I could find. I'm in the middle of the 5yr hose change.Finished cooling, removed oil lines and failed all the fire sleeves. They had not been end dipped, andhad wicked up oil. More matierals to order from Spruce.Next to do fuel lines. I'm not pulling the engine. As the lines were replaced at firewall blanketinstallation, those are on a different schedule. I think the 5 yr clock is by component.The fuel pump was also replaced, so it also has its own schedule.

I'll do the fuel lines and engine mounts at Corning in 2012 ; it will be a learning experience,and Brian has a Flight Design service center.

regards, happy holidaysBill Mc.

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