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No rubber fuel line through a firewall

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During your firewall blanket install your mechanic was supposed to have removed any fuel line though the firewall and installed the 2 stainless steel pieces of tube. One is a straight tube and the other a "Y" tube. These are what are supposed to penetrate the firewall. No rubber hose through the firewall. FD supplied these parts, but I am seeing some firewall blanket installs without the metal tubes and fuel line through the firewall. During the hose replacement make sure that is what you have, the metal tubes. No screw clamps on these, only band clamps. The "Y" tube is the fuel from the wings into the instrument panel and the single tube like in the picture is the fuel out to the gascolator.

The last picture has three metal tubes in it. The last 2 tubes (center and right) are the correct one. The first Tee tubing (on the left) is too short and is a tee and not a "Y". If you have that short tee tube get rid of it and get the longer "Y" from FD.




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