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Changing Radio


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I have a 2006 ctsw SLSA plane and the radio may be bad although no one has chimed in with thoughts on it. Anyways can the King KY97A radio be removed and replaced by say an ICOM A220 TSO radio or is this not an approved change to keep it a legal SLSA? 



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1 hour ago, 4RJN said:

Hi Madhatter, is your plane an SLSA? If so how did the process go for you getting the MRA?


I have been ELSA for years, best thing I ever did. I can make legitimate changes and installations with a logbook entry, even easier than certified. ELSA doesn't mean substandard maintenance or installs like some think. There is plenty of poor quality maintenance out there no matter what the type of certification category aircraft you have.

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3 hours ago, 4RJN said:

Hi Tom, did they issue a fleet wide MRA for that radio? Is the Garmin approved for SLSA? Thanks


The engineering has already been done, so the process is easy. It is my understanding that ASTM requires the aircraft manufacture to record all changes to the airplane from date of manufacture, and verify that changes meet ASTM standards. The MRA is the process by which Flight Design complies with this requirement. The fee is for completing the paperwork.

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