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Coolant Line Routing


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In doing my 5-year rubber changeout, I came across a situation and would appreciate feedback. The original routing of two coolant lines from the water pump to cylinders #2 & #4 seems a little weird.

If I follow the original path, the lines are squeezed thru the engine mounting frame (as they connect upper and lower water pump ports to cylinders #2 & #4).

The path does not impede fluid flow but it does seem to encourage chafing.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Do you use any anti

2 hours ago, Tom Baker said:

Yes, the hoses need to pass through the mount. I don't particularly like the way they are, but I don't think there is any better option. 

Do you use anything to prevent chaffing? I put a short piece of plastic tubing on mounting frame above and below the lines. Not sure if it'll do much good. 

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