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Heat, we need it! Anyone have a good picture of their heater inlet/cowl setup? Our heater intake is currently a flap of rubber (with one side open) that does not do a great job at funneling air into the muffler heat sleeve. 

Working on picking up some foam to plug the interior and door strips. 

Checked the heater valve, and it opens and closes just fine. I believe it's an airflow past the muffler issue. 


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There should be rubber baffle on all 4 sides of the shroud snout. Also getting it lined up with the opening in the cowling is important. Make sure the heat valve opens fully, or heat will be lacking. If it doesn't shut off completely your foot will get hot in the summer. Seal up all of the openings in the cabin in the wing root and spar box. Cut some foam sheet to block off the openings behind the seats. add foam as needed around the doors. Anything you can seal up will help.

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