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E-Props Pitch


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FYI, CTSW, E-Props recommended pitch setting of 26.1, based on other posts I shot for closer to 27, landed at 26.8 as everything torqued tight and did last round of checks.  Seems darn near perfect, just into yellow arc on static run up, and WOT around 5550.  Took a short test flight this morning, very pleased.  


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Installed mine today and tested ended up at 25.5 degrees tried several different settings

saw 1350 in climb at 80 knots normal is 1150 this time of year 135 knots over ground with a

some  tail wind 115 against wind very happy with results should have done this long ago

my WOT ended up at 5480 which I really like.  Highly recommend if you want to change

props like grassStrip said its about perfect. Like e-prop said once it starts to roll it grabs

and really goes on takeoff.

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