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CTLSi Old MoGas


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Due to my wife's having surgery, then a flat tire, I will have gone about 8 weeks without flying the plane.  Given that I typically add fuel as I go, the fuel in the tank could have some that's maybe 12 weeks old.

Does this present any danger...ok to fly with fuel this old?  



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Sump the gas. Normal color?

Smell the gas. Does it still smell like gas?

Listen to the engine after warm up. Does it sound and act normal? Don't worry about start, it will probably run rough for a bit and smooth out as it warms up.

8 weeks isn't that long, just follow these checks and have fun!

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12 minutes ago, Roger Lee said:

It should be fine. You can add some about 50% 100LL to any 91 oct. If it's already 100LL no problem. You idle jts can become clogged and may need to be cleaned after long periods of sitting. During annuals I find quite a few with this problem. Cleaning the idle jet is easy.

No idle jets on a fuel injected engine.

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