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CTSW Composite Repair Scheme

Paul G

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Hi Fellow CT aviators,

I live in Australia and in November 2022 my aircraft was involved in a hard landing, due to gusting wind conditions, the outcome is that the nose wheel collapsed on landing and bent under the fuselage causing the fuselage to crack both externally and internally in the are where the pilots feet go.  I have located an approved aircraft composite repair company to undertake the repair work but they have asked me to provide a repair scheme from Flight Design, for the work.  My question is there anyone who has had repairs undertaken on the fuselage of a CTSW and have they a copy of a repair scheme I could have?  You kind help is much appreciated. 



Paul G

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On 1/22/2023 at 10:36 AM, EEProf said:

I wonder if you can convert a damaged S-LSA to E-LSA, then you can do whatever you want in terms of repair.

Probably depends on the DAR, because you have to have a current condition inspection.

The OP is in Australia, so he probably doesn't have that option.  Here in the US you should be able to if as you mentioned it has a current condition inspection.  Otherwise even though the airplane is damaged, as long as it conforms to the initial S-LSA configuration I think you can do it.  There may even be some provision to do the conversion without a condition inspection, as long as the airplane is inspected and signed off before flies as an E-LSA.  That would be a good question for a knowledgeable DAR.  

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