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100 hr rotax inspection


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Just have them sign off the 100 hr. at the same time they do the annual. It's just a couple extra words in the logbook and only a couple items different on the maint. checklist. When I did a research project on this many years ago with the FAA they said they didn't care, it was fully acceptable and liked the better over all documentation. Since day one when I started doing LSA and Rotax I always sign them both off. Then no matter who or why your book gets looked at you're covered in both areas. Regardless of what anyone says you're never wrong if you include both. You're just a cut above average. :) 

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4RJN: complete rotax 100 hour checklist? Few hundred bucks. The engine takes the most time in an inspection. Honestly though, if you deal with someone who knows what they're doing, you only really need to take care of a few major items unless you're trying to stay in warranty compliance.



ASIs usually don't care either way because they're looking for a condition inspection in the last 12 months or 100 hours if required by reg. If you ask the lawyers though, the important part is that it says condition inspection... it's defined differently from "annual" or "100 hour".

100 hr / Annual inspection are terms for the standard world, but don't actually translate to S-LSA in lawyer terms. Any A&P (must have both, not just A or P) can do the 100 hr, only repair stations and those with an inspection authorization can do the annual, even though the inspection steps could be exactly the same! S-LSA on the other hand, there's no such distinction, you either have the ratings or you don't, there's no special tiers for inspections.

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