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Instructions for non-pilot activating BRS.

Big Flapper

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Hi all, I have a non - pilot wife who flies with me and I am looking for a publication/instruction list for her if I ever became incapacitated  on using and deploying the BRS.

I hope to get her to take instruction on emergency landings but I have to take things one step at a time. I would think since FD is installing these in all planes that they would have some type of instruction manual for this situation.

Thanks for any suggestions


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My version is much simpler … something like … if pilot seems incapacitated :

- press Straight & Level ( autopilot on , keeping the plane flying until it runs out of fuel )

- if it seems like pilot won’t respond , wait for an open spot below, pull the power to idle and pull the BRS  handle.

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Hey these are a great idea. There were a few things I neglected to tell my passenger in use such as fly AC until over open/flat spot below (I fly in the mountains here.. not good to land on the edge of a cliff or over a lake I'm thinking )


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On 1/16/2023 at 12:38 PM, Skunkworks85 said:

I cant find my checklist, but this is what i have on it. 

It was stollen from someone else. But i brief any new passengers on it. Also show them where it is located. Additionally, My personal checklist in AC has instructions on how to tune 121.5 and squawk 7700. ( 2 buttons to press in my AC)



Hmm, asking a non-pilot to correctly follow a checklist in a crisis might be a bit…optimistic.

I brief my passengers that if I’m INOP, close the fuel valve and pull the big red handle.  I tell them if they think they can guide the airplane away from heavily populated areas fine, otherwise let gravity make the choice of landing zone.

Honestly if it comes up, I expect they will forget everything else and pull the red handle.

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