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In for Annual (5yr rubber, and wing pull)


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I dropped my plane off for Annual yesterday. It's due for the 5 year rubber replacement, and the 2 year wing inspection. It has 436 hours on it. Anything else you guys would consider asking the AP to check? I noticed when I taxi around I get a lot of creaking noise, someone suggested last year the padding between the landing gear and the body of the plane which we did but it didn't seem to fix it. Also with all the talk about exhaust leaks lately, I wanted to have them check it, is there a particular way this is done or should they know? Thanks in advance. 

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Brakes rub, fairings rub, the cabin doors rattle, all normal.

Brakes: can't fix that one.

Fairings: you could have some padding installed to help the fairings move a bit, and maybe trim them a little so they aren't hitting the gear legs.

Baggage doors: some airplanes have this absolutely annoying rattle during flight, made worse/better during certain maneuvers. It's the baggage door. Put a little super soft foam padding around the corners to help stop that.

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